All The Things

First, let me just say non-stop sickness since Christmas is not rocking my world.  It has been crazy.  But I think illness does explain the issues we were having last week getting Sue to go to school.  They had Friday off.  Guess who woke up with a fever?  Yup.


Caitlyn was doing quite fine on Friday.  So she got to paint her nails while the other two slept.



Patrice got to use some of her skills she learned in speech, physical therapy to make a colored sand necklace in Sunday School.  This mama is very sad to report it already got broken, before I could put it in her keepsake box.


Then Monday came and we had our first snow day.  I’m glad.  Both older girls were feeling a little punky and I wasn’t sure whether or not to send them to school.

Enlist them as maids though?  Absolutely yes.

Sue got crumbs on the chair.  So Sue got to learn to vacuum.


Tuesday we started potty training Patrice.  She had success.


And now today won’t cooperate to get into undies.  Do I force her or let today slide because she is sick…hmmm.  I’ll let you know what I decide!


Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. Hugs Charity. Hoping the sickness leaves your house soon. I don’t think that the wild temperature swings are helping at all.

  2. Your girls are adorable 🙂 Hope everyone is feeling better. I always give my daughter the vacuum, she actually likes doing it!!

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