Doing This All Wrong

I am probably doing this all wrong by blogging about it.  Because I don’t think I really want any advice.  But maybe I do.  I am a little conflicted.

It’s about this little girl

Me and my kitty

Me and my kitty

I adore this little girl.  I mean totally adore.  I love having her with me.  I love the things she comes up with.  I mean who wouldn’t?  Her New Year’s resolution was to make her hugs warmer.  What’s not to love?

I can’t believe she is almost at her hundredth day of school.  She is the youngest in her class, but is doing great.  She is an amazing social butterfly.  She can make friends anywhere and everywhere.  She is saying good bye to every kid we see at the end of school.

I know she likes it there and they like her.

But we’ve had two perplexing calls from the school that her tummy hurt and she was running a slight temperature.  So we brought her home.  And she was fine.  Especially this last time.  I swear she dipped the thermometer in someone’s coffee to make that temperature happen, because she was perfectly fine at home.

And then today.  She said her tummy hurt.  Her sisters have both been battling a tummy bug.  So who’s to say she isn’t the latest victim.  Except she has been fine all day.  None of the symptoms of her sisters.  And she admitted that while her tummy hurt, her biggest reason for staying home is missing mommy.

Loving on each other

Loving on each other

I keep the days low key when anyone is home sick.  I try not to make it fun.  But it is hard to know when to try and have them tough it out and when to let them have the comfort of home.  Hmmmm.  And I freely admit I love having them home with me.  Caitlyn was a little hesitant about going today and it was hard not to give in to that as the mom and just have her stay with me.  It was hard to be a responsible adult and have her go to school.  But I did.  And so far no calls.

It appears that was the right call.  Was keeping Sue home the right call?  Is there are hard and fast right or wrong answer?  Is it so bad to keep them home?




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