Bribery in all it’s glory

So today I was thinking about what an exercise in bribery potty training is.

“You can watch tv if you sit on the potty.”

“You can have an apple with peanut butter if you sit on the potty.”

“I will read you this story if you sit on the potty.”

“You get candy and bubbles if you go potty.”

“You can call grandma if you use the potty.”

Bribery.  And I am not above it.  Nope.

Tuesday and Wednesday we had a couple successes.  Yesterday, no good.

This morning one massive pee pee feet away from the potty.  I told her how sad it made mommy that she didn’t make it to the potty.  We practiced going to the potty chair from various rooms in the house to make sure she knew where to go when she had to go potty.

Then she had an accident while pulling off her undies.  I told her I was proud of her for trying so hard.  Next we had a half accident, half success.

But tonight was the spectacular event.

She not only made it to the potty but she pulled down her jeans and her undies and went when no one was paying attention.


She got candy.

She got bubbles.

She got to call both grandmas.

She got so much praise.

Then this happened.

That's the dog.  That's the potty chair.

That’s the dog. That’s the potty chair.

Yeah, the dog drank some of her pee.

Just a normal Friday night at our house :/  How is yours?


Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. hahaha! I love that! This made me smile! The dog looks so happy too lol! And that is so awesome she went on her own, yay!

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