A Day of Tears iPPP

Yesterday was a day of tears.  Happy and Sad.  What a mix.

Early in the morning Patrice and I went to Caitlyn’s school to read to her class and hear Caitlyn read to them as well.

She did AMAZING!!!  She read Mr. Brown Can Moo!  Can You?

IMG_20130306_1(This is from going to the library, but you get the picture, my girl is a reader!)

I was so proud.  It took all I had to hold back my tears until I got to the car.  I then called daddy and cried to him about how proud I was.

Later in the day, I was putting away laundry (I know, enough to reduce anyone to tears).  Patrice’s drawers were full to overflowing, so I started sorting.  And taking out the onesies.  Now that she is potty trained, they are kind of a moot point, huh?

And later in the day, I cried.  I had removed one of the last vestiges of babyhood from her room.  My last baby, well, isn’t a baby.  And my heart cracked.  Into pieces.  I cried as I waited to pick my older girls up from school.  I cried as I rocked Patrice to sleep.  I cry now, as I type, and she grabs at me and says uppy! (and now I type one handed and wonder how this paragraph got in italics and how to get it out)

I love my girls.  And I love them as they grow, but I really love the baby years…and now they are gone…

IMG_20130301_12She wanted to wear her packback like her sisters the other day.  As she walked away,  my heart climbed in that bag and went with her.

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