A Proud Mama

I chose my oldest child’s name when I was 15.  I prayed I would some day have a little girl to bear the name hidden in my heart.

Sixteen years later I found myself, along with my hubby, having a baby.  We waited until birth to find out if it was a girl or a boy.  When hubby said, girl, I responded, are you sure?  I wanted a girl so badly.  I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  Once the nurse and the midwife confirmed it was a girl, I whispered to hubby, can we use my name.   He said yes, and my dream was fulfilled.

That little dream is now 6 1/2 years old.  She is an amazing girl, big sister and friend.  She fills us with so much joy.


She always keeps an eye out for her little sisters.  Especially Patrice.  I rely on her, maybe a little too heavily, to help me with the little one.

She has a crazy sense of humor.  She cracks us up all the time with her dry wit.  I mean, come on, check out her first attempt at chop sticks (above).

Recently she has really been touching my heart, as we have talked about being an introvert, (she’s leaning that way) and an extrovert (can we say Sue?).  One night we were chatting and I commented that Sue was taking a long time to brush her teeth and she said, “that’s okay mommy, it gave us time to talk.”

And just tonight…we had three donuts.  One had sprinkles, Patrice laid claim, one was creme filled with powdered sugar and one was plain.  Caitlyn stood there a long time looking, and finally she said, “I really want the one with sugar, but Sue will probably want it.  I just want to be nice.”  Mama searched around, found some nutella for the plain one and she was able to claim the sugar one with a clear conscience.

Then later, I was helping her with homework, which I am not that great at being patient about, last night with Sue was a disaster, but tonight, Caitlyn looked at me and said, “you are always so good at being patient with us when helping us with homework.”  If that doesn’t make me want to try harder, and live up to the mama in her eyes…

Thank you for letting me brag on my girl.  I tell her, til I make her crazy, how much I love her and am proud of her, but my heart is bursting with her right now and I just had to share.



Survive til you Thrive!

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