Dreaded Words

Wednesday night, or was it Thursday morning, came really, really early when Caitlyn called up the stairs, “mommy, I threw up.”


So begins the clean up.  The checking on her.  The worrying.

The next day she slept until 11:30 am, even with Patrice up and around.  Do you know how impossible it is for a two year old to be quiet?  But sleep she did.  To the point of mama having a panic attack just sure something was seriously wrong.

She, on the other hand, woke up happy as a clam.  And returned to school Friday.  With no ill effects.  We continued with our plans to have friends come Saturday.  Friends I haven’t seen since Patrice was born.

And then came the Saturday morning call, “mommy, I threw up.”

So begins the clean up.  The checking on her.  The worrying.  The canceling of plans.  The ripping out of carpet.

What?  Go big or go home!  We’ve been wanting to get the nasty old carpet out of there for a while.  It is the only room with carpet left in it.  Well, it was.

2013-03-15 17.49.41 2013-03-15 18.35.43

It is gorgeous and we love it.

Sunday found us again not well enough to venture out, so daddy did church here.

2013-03-16 16.05.18

The new week has not been any kinder.  We hoofed it to the doctor yesterday and, yup, it’s a stomach virus.  The virus is irritating the stomach lining, so on and so forth.  Then last night, Patrice joined the fun.

Both Caitlyn and Patrice are fine during the week, but the middle of the night is a whole different story.  We had to cancel additional things yesterday and today.  I am just trying to hold out home for Thursday…

What’s your “favorite” parenting adventure?

Survive til you Thrive!

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