Depression Doesn’t…

Depression doesn’t follow the rules. It doesn’t stay away when our kids are around and need us happy.  It doesn’t stay away when the weather is nice and it seems everyone else is enjoying the sun.

Depression doesn’t always look like it ought.  It doesn’t always present a sad face.  It doesn’t always bring tears.  It can’t always be seen outwardly.

Depression can’t always be talked away.  It is good to hear, “you are worth it.”  “You are valuable.” But honestly, the depression might not be telling you that you are not those things.  It might just  be there.

Depression might be the shroud hanging around you.  It might just be this feeling of needing to be somewhere safe, with or without suicidal thoughts.  It might be a fear that has you looking around every corner for the weight of darkness you won’t be able to shake.

Depression doesn’t look the same for everyone.  It doesn’t look the same every time it descends.  It doesn’t provide a road map for how to escape.  It doesn’t just shake off.

Depression doesn’t play fair.


Survive til you Thrive!

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