Easter was Quiet

Normally Easter is rush, rush, hurry around here.  We have breakfast and church, and egg hunt and then time with family.  Yesterday did not include all of that.  We still did the breakfast, colorful waffles and the egg hunt, but otherwise, the neverending stomach virus kept us home.

Home, home, home.

Again, again, again.

I cried.  I pouted.  I sulked.

But we did have some fun.  Grandma dropped off presents, at the door, and ran.



Daddy tied Easter grass in the girls’ hair.

IMG_20130401_3Daddy did an age appropriate lesson on Easter.

And finally…

IMG_20130401_4We gave them very small peices, but luckily, none of them got sick last night, so maybe now, 4 weeks into this virus, we are coming out the other side…Maybe.

Honestly, I hope your Easter was better than ours, but we were home, fed and safe, celebrating Jesus.

Happy Easter.



Survive til you Thrive!

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