Memorial Day

A friend posted a very poignant reminder that this weekend is not about barbecues, and may I add, mattress sales, rather it is about remembering those who are no longer with us.

It is about remembering soldiers, and public safety workers who protect us.

It is about remembering family who is no longer here.

This long weekend, Tuesday actually, they will hold my grandma’s memorial service.  Her soul went to heaven months ago, but now her body joins that of her husband of decades and her only born son, my dad.

All my love to those who will be there for the service and to grandma, grandpa and daddy.

grandma and dad grandpa dussel

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2 Responses to Memorial Day

  1. I’m glad that there are still people who honour those who fought for our freedom. It’s so important.
    We have Remembrance Day but that’s in November.

    • We have Veterans Day in November which apparently is to honor those who are serving or who have served who are alive. I learned that Memorial Day is just for those who have died. I personally don’t see why we can’t thank them all both times, I’m sure they won’t mind twice. Actually unfollowed someone on twitter about it 🙂

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