Feeling a Little Crazy

So, as I have talked about ad nauseum, we have a stomach virus that won’t quit. We have been fighting it since, no lie, December.

And, the bugger is BACK!!

We made the five hour trip to my moms’ Friday night. Patrice woke up Saturday tossing her cookies.

Last night we decided to take the girls to see a movie at the drive in. It started at dusk. Which is apparently at 10:30 pm, just after your two year old hoses daddy with vomit.

So what to do? Stay or go?

Hubby obviously wants to go get clean. Five and six year old are of course sobbing because they wanted to see the movie. And the two year old is of course now calmly sitting in your lap.

We stayed. They all fell asleep. And I watched Monster University by myself.

The morning came too early and the puking continued.

She is obviously dehydrating. We considered taking her to the hospital near my moms’ but don’t want her kept overnight far from home.

So, after she kept down enough fluid to have to pee…we have started the trek home.

I hate to see her sick. I can’t believe we’re dealing with stomach virus again. And I’m battling fear that this is more than a stomach virus.

These are the days motherhood is heartbreaking.

Survive til you Thrive!

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