Teach Your Children

It is summer time.  Our schedules are much more lax.  And I like it that way.  Who doesn’t?

And the girls have had neighborhood friends over to play.  And I like it that way. Again, who doesn’t?

But a couple things are driving me crazy.

I have one little girl who comes over.  She just shows up, unannounced.  Today, she was here for eight hours.  Family came to check on her three times.  Never once asking if it was time for her to go home.  The third time my wonderful hubby was here.  He had to say three times that we were headed out and it was time to go.  Three times people.  Three.

The other thing that is making me batty?  She has NO manners.  There is never a please or a thank you.  Ever.  Hubby and I both very pointedly add YOU’RE WELCOME.  Sometimes it helps, most of the time it does not.  Today I made all the kids pizza bagel bites.  She brought hers in and said, “I don’t want this.”

Seriously?  Thing is, I can’t blame her.  She is young.  She has to be taught.  Her family needs to step up and teach the child the niceties of life.

Will it keep me from allowing her to come over?  No.  I’ve always dreamed of being the mom with the house the kids like to visit.  And I will do my darndest to pull that off.

But wow, what do I do about becoming the neighborhood daycare?  And how do I do it with grace?



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  1. There are times that you just have to set your boundaries and declare “family time”. I understand the desire to be the “fun house” of the neighborhood but there has to be a balance between your personal time which saves your sanity and fun time with the neighbors that doesn’t require you to render free daycare services.

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