On the Upside Again

I’m on the upside. Since I last wrote, the doc added a medication and it seems to have done the trick.

We are back to the fun.

We did two Pinterest projects today. We blew up a bar of ivory soap.


Then we did ice watercolor painting.







And then we ended the day with my mama’s Johnny Marzetti.


I loved today. I would take 1000 more of them!

Survive til you Thrive!

2 Responses to On the Upside Again

  1. So happy to see this post! It looks like an amazing day! I need to know more about blowing up a bar of Ivory soap. Is it on your Pinterest boards?

    • I believe it is. We took 1/2 a bar of ivory, must be ivory. Put it in microwave on high for one minute. Cool. I also found a pin to dye the soap. Can’t wait to try that one.

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