The Newest Adventure

You would think, with all my health stuff, I would welcome the start of school and two girls heading out my door each day. Rather, I have been dreading the beginning of school since it ended in June.

Imstead, I’ve been dreaming of homeschooling. For years really. But those other years I was working outside of the home. So the dream was shelved. This summer the dream got dusted off. And it was shiny.

I started researching. And talking to other homeschoolers. I found a curriculum, Easy Peasy All-in-One homeschool.

Hubby and I talked.  I gathered info from friends.  Monday night, at 10 pm, we decided to make it a reality.

Our minds said to wait a few days, let me get more familiar and prepared, but Caitlyn saw me clicking through, she knew her friends were in school, and was ready to dive in!  Sue felt the same way, so we were off!

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I had to have a stomach scope yesterday, so we had our first snow day.  It was celebrated around here!

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I’m having some trouble with the girls complaining they are bored, but I think that is normal of this age?  I know Caitlyn complained a lot about it last year in school.  Dear teachers out there, is it normal for 6 and 7 year olds to complain they are bored even when the lessons are short?  We are done by lunch or shortly after with the prescribed school work.  Next week we will start getting involved in some other groups and we’ll add in fun projects but for now, we are getting our feet wet.

I am loving working with the girls, though I do worry I am making mistakes and I will let them down, but we will all learn if I just keep trying, right?



Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. I give you all the kudos in the world. 2 weeks into summer break and Chase and I wanted to kill each other.
    Perhaps you can make up an activity plan? I saw on Pinterest this really cool idea where a mom wrote an activity on a popsicle stick. She put them all in a can and when her kids were bored, she had them pick one out. I wanted to try it but…well…I didn’t

    • I think we shall try that. I also took all the chores involved in cleaning their room, put them on slips of paper in a jar so they can take one out so they don’t have to ask me AGAIN what to do. Might also try a whining jar where if they are caught whining they have to draw a chore out…will it help or will it produce more whining. Hmmm…

  2. Just because they are done with prescribed lessons for the day doesn’t mean they have to stop learning. What about doing hands-on activities like making homemade playdough and talking about the math and science that goes along with its creation? Or have them help with dinner and talk about how plants make their food. Even your youngest is old enough to understand that plants have to make their own food because they can’t go to the grocery store. You don’t need to get into the specifics of glucose and photosynthesis, but you might be surprised at how much they comprehend. As it gets colder and the leaves change, nature walks where they can identify tree leaves is always a good time. Maybe they, too, can see if they can find leaves bigger than their face. 🙂 Have story time and talk about plot, characters, and conflict. Then help them write their own stories. They don’t have to be long or complicated, but they will probably love it.

    Good luck! I am so glad you are taking on homeschooling!

    • Having tons of fun. Oldest likes it. Middle says she doesn’t but last week told someone it is great. Co-op started this last week so that will give them someone other than me once a week 🙂 I feel like we are doing a lot more than we ever did.

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