Down Time Equals Thinking Time

It has become my practice, as of late, to take a few minutes by myself after the family goes to bed.  Sometimes, it requires hours, some nights it is literally just a few minutes.  But those few minutes have my brain churning.

Back when I knew everything about what I would be like as a mom, you know before I had kids, I swore I would not celebrate Halloween with my kids.  We would go out for a fun dinner as a family, but we would NOT, NO WAY, do Halloween and Trick or Treating.

Then those kids were born.  And they were so cute.  The costumes were so cute.  It was a match made in Heaven, so Caitlyn became a pumpkin that first year, then we grew another pumpkin, and another.

Hubby and I have talked about it.  We’re pretty strict about what the girls can dress as.  No witches, no skeletons, nothing grotesque or scary.

This year we have a doctor, nurse and unicorn.

Turns out hubby thought we would not be doing Halloween now that we were homeschooling.  Oops.  I thought it was important not to take one more thing from them as we are transitioning out of school as they know it.

We’ve talked a lot about not dressing as witches because witches don’t love Jesus.  Sue walks through the store asking me why they have all the decorations of witches when they don’t love Jesus.  This brings on a conversation about how not all people believe like we do.  It sometimes gets weighty for an almost 6 year old and barely 7 year old, but they do a great job grasping it.

But is it enough.  Are we helping them understand what we do and don’t believe?  Are we doing enough to protect their hearts.

As you might imagine, these thoughts are weighing more on my mind as Halloween comes in 6 days.

Then last night I read this post about redeeming Halloween, engaging in Halloween or encouraging Halloween.  I have a lot more to think about and pray about before next year comes. I do absolutely love her Pumpkin Evangelism (downloadable PDF on the right side).  It talks about cutting off the top as letting Christ in, then the guts are our sin, cleaning it out is how Christ makes us clean, and the candle is like us shining the light of Jesus into the world.

I am so excited about sharing this with the girls.  We will add this our family desire to celebrate Halloween as kids getting to be kids and now talking about how Jesus changes us.

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How do you celebrate Halloween?  Has it changed over the years?

Survive til you Thrive!

5 Responses to Down Time Equals Thinking Time

  1. We celebrate Halloween in a variety of ways. We decorate the house for Fall with some Halloween decorations. Those do include all of the typical Halloween characters – witches, Frankenstein, Snoopy (especially – I love Peanuts). We make Halloween cupcakes, carve pumpkins, go to the pumpkin patch, pick out costumes (this year Landon is Spiderman and I will be a witch). We, too, love God in our house and he has a place in our lives. I believe that those characters are just pretend and encourage imagination. They are not real, just pretend, in my book. We also watch “It’s A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” and we have added to that list a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Halloween special. I am taking off of work this year and will be taking Landon to his daycare Halloween party, too. That should be fun! I really enjoy the holiday – especially now that I have a little. It is just so fun! Enjoy yours!

    • Thank you for commenting. The girls did watch the Mickey Mouse Halloween special and a few others. I’m not hard line on all of it, but we do talk about it all. My hubby often comments about all the words in our house 🙂 Have a great time at the daycare Halloween Party. The cuteness will be unbearable.

  2. We celebrate it the typical way. We dress up in what ever you want to be. I mean I totally agree with above post. It’s all pretend. It has nothing to do with rather or not you hate God or not. Two years ago hubs and I dressed up as devil and angel. And we totally believe and have faith. God runs through our hearts no matter what we dress up as. I see it as the one time of year it is totally exceptible as grown ups to dress up and not be looked at like we are crazy. I think that’s why it’s my FAVORITE holiday. We carve pumpkins, which is a fun craft. I decorate the house is both creepy and cute things. It’s all in fun. We will let lil watch scary things when he’s older because that’s just a part of growing up. We as parents have to teach him that non of this is real. Just like witches aren’t real neither are unicorns. My son won’t grow up being a witch who hates God just like ur kid won’t grow up to be a princess.
    By the way would you let your kids dress up as a princess? Because the bible talks about plenty of instances where kings/queens who REALLY didn’t believe in God and crucified many who did. Just something you should think about while you are eliminating things because they don’t like God

    • Trust me, I have wondered about princesses, fairies, etc. Where do we draw the line of imagination and fun and when is magic dark and sinister? I don’t fully know. I do know part of my thought is I was very, very susceptible to nightmares as a child and at least one of my girls is showing that as well, so I am going to protect her mind as much as possible. Dark nightmares are horrible, know what I mean? And let’s not tell my Sue she won’t grow up to be a princess, kay? 😉

  3. Even though Vance is now 2, we are still not celebrating Halloween. I have found it a pointless holiday, as far as holidays go, for as long as I can remember. As someone who didn’t grow up trick-or-treating, it isn’t an activity I feel I am depriving my son of doing. While his Christian daycare DOES celebrate Halloween (a fact I find off-putting), he will not be attending. Not in protest, but simply because this year Halloween falls on a day he is not scheduled to be there. He will be going to the Trunk or Treat at my parents’ church, but that is more to see friends for a a little bit. I don’t even know if I will allow him to go through the line to get candy (as we don’t need that in our house either).

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