The Pumpkins are Sat Around the Porch With Care In Hopes Candy Would Soon Be There

I am returning to a link up I have not done in a while, the phone photos.  I used to have to search for photos to use for these link ups, but since I got my iPhone, I’ll freely admit, I never use the point and shoot.  My phone does a better job.
Last night was pumpkin carving night.  This year, all of the girls were old enough to work on theirs.  Daddy was definitely there and helped, but each did some solo.
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I might have seen this pin on Pinterest so hubby, and girls, made it happen.
2013-10-29 20.43.07 2013-10-29 20.44.15 2013-10-29 20.44.40 2013-10-29 20.46.26
The girls were heavily supervised even where you don’t see it.
2013-10-29 20.52.14
We had a lot of fun with pumpkin carving this year.  Though I forgot to read them the Pumpkin Carving Gospel.  We might have to do one more pumpkin tonight as part of our devotions.
How are your Halloween or Harvest time preparations coming?  Are you tackling it tonight or has it been done for a while?  I’d love to hear about it.
Survive til you Thrive!

4 Responses to The Pumpkins are Sat Around the Porch With Care In Hopes Candy Would Soon Be There

  1. Looks like you got quite a few pumpkins carved and everyone had a wonderful time. Happy Halloween!!! 🙂

  2. Love the drill. We always carve pumpkins — but I haven’t thought of it this year because we are in the middle of a big (disruptive) renovation. Seeing all those pumpkins guts makes me want to grab a knife and get to work.

  3. Looks like fun! We skipped the pumpkin carving this year for the first time, which I hope won’t scar my kids for life 🙂 The drill pictures crack me up!

  4. Great pictures! Looks like you guys had fun! We didn’t carve any pumpkins this year because we simply ran out of time…can’t wait for next year’s pumpkins!

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