Awana and I Wanna

Sunday night is Awana, Bible club for kids, night around here.  The girls love it.  They are always excited to go, but last night they were absolutely ecstatic to go.

It was dress like a pilgrim night.  Here is what I came up with.

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Patrice wasn’t interested in dressing up, but she was having so much fun in her vest, I just HAD to take pictures.  Such a little ham.

I love that they love Awana.  They have verses to recite each week.  Well, correction, Caitlyn is currently memorizing the books of the Old Testament and Sue the New Testament.  They earn their electronics privileges by studying each  day.

Awana is a huge asset in our family life.

For lack of a transition, I am going to just dive in with what I Wanna.

I Wanna feel better in my own skin.  I am taking my medications, but something is still missing.  My anxiety is too high, my thoughts get jumbled.  I wanna be comfortable in my own skin again, so Wednesday I am taking the dive with a new therapist.  I am not real thrilled with meeting someone new that may soon know the darkest side of me, but I am trying to have hope, I am trying to be positive.

I Wanna like me, so I hope I can like her.


Survive til you Thrive!

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