Not a Foot Fetish

Please forgive me as I dump a bunch of Patrice cuteness on you.  For some reason, this series of pictures grabbed my heart.

2013-11-11 18.40.09 2013-11-11 18.40.13 2013-11-11 18.40.15 2013-11-11 18.42.06 2013-11-11 18.42.11 2013-11-11 18.42.15 2013-11-11 18.43.30


Thanks to some wonderful generosity, we are able to do swimming lessons at the YMCA.  The girls are having a great time.  Getting dressed after can take time, but Patrice can of course “do it myself!”

It is a lot of fun to watch them learn and grow.  And sometimes just too darn cute!  What have  your kids done lately that just sent them off the cute charts?

Survive til you Thrive!

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