Four Months in Coming…

Four months ago, Caitlyn hit the mother lode of dreams for a 7 year old…a loose tooth.  The watch for losing it was on…and on…and on…and on.

She wriggled.

And tugged.

Apples were bitten.

Her tongue pushed and prodded.

To no avail.

It stayed put.


It got looser.

And looser.

She started telling me it fell out.

I started falling for it.

Until TODAY.

It fell out.

Oh Glory!!!

My response, “really?  For real this time?”

Who can blame me?  I’ve been living with the girl who cried teeth.

But, yes, it was true.  She now speaks with a whistling subtext due to the absence of that front tooth.

With it’s loss, came Sue’s laments that she had not lost a tooth.  When would she loose a tooth?

Both, thanks to having read a book about Pinkalicious writing to the tooth fairy, decided to write the little nymph a letter.

They are so precious.

Sues’:  Der Toofee  I do not hav ene los tef.  Can no wit bac

(Dear tooth fairy,  I do not have any loose teeth.  Can you write back?)

Caitlyn’s:  Dere Tooth Fairy  I have a tooth for………you  I love you veay muuuuch  P.S Thank you  P.S send me a picher  Love Caitlyn PS I am 7! Now!

The tooth fairy wrote back.  And she’ll be keeping the letters.  She also left a picture.


2013-12-18 09.20.20

Survive til you Thrive!

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