Our Three Wise Men

We have been doing a Christmas Unit Study as part of our schooling.  I enjoy the learning we are doing, we all enjoy the crafts the author, Amanda Bennett, has been adding recently.

Today was a hand print Wise Men scene.

2013-12-19 11.57.03

It was very simple to create.

Our blank canvas, was, just that, a blank artist canvas I got on sale.  You could also do it on heavy paper.

We did hand prints in brown acrylic paint, upside down, to create the camel.  I had the girls put them in order by size, then we did the pointer finger in a pretty color of acrylic paint for the body of the wise man.  Finally, we painted the crowns on with glitter glue and added camel tails in brown and hooves with glittery glitter glue.  We had to have some royal pizzazz, right?  Caitlyn added the Star of Christmas and smaller stars with glitter glue to light up the night sky.  Once it dries, I will put their names and ages on the back.

Survive til you Thrive!

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