Rolling in Luck

For homeschooling, it seems like we are never, actually home.

Okay, that is an exaggeration.  We are home most of the time, but we do get out and about.  Today we went to a homeschool group Christmas party and bowling.

We haven’t been bowling since Caitlyns’ birthday in August.  And I was so sick I barely remember it (I was hospitalized that evening).

But today, today was a ton of fun.  Caitlyn, especially, reveled in the fun.

2013-12-10 12.29.42 2013-12-10 13.01.10 2013-12-10 13.10.07 2013-12-10 13.10.08 2013-12-10 13.10.10 2013-12-10 13.10.20 2013-12-10 13.29.24 2013-12-10 13.29.27 2013-12-10 14.12.07 2013-12-10 14.12.10

There was a quick intermission to exchange fun gifts.

And then Caitlyn and I were back to bowl the last few frames, for ourselves and our coplayers who had abandoned us.

2013-12-10 14.17.14 2013-12-10 14.17.15


It was a whole lot of fun!!!!

Survive til you Thrive!

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