One of Those Giddy Days

Homeschooling is like parenting, wait, it IS parenting.  But I kind of digress.  It is like parenting in that some days, you are slugging it out in the trenches and some days you are giddy with the honor of being the mama.

Today is a giddy day.

Nobody cut their own hair…ah hem.

Nobody broke a mirror…double ah hem.

Those things didn’t happen today.

Reading happened today.

Math happened today.

Phonics happened today.

Science happened today.

Grammar happened today.

Sue did a great job reading a Spot book to me.

Caitlyn neared the end of her phonics book.  You know, the one we started last week.  The one I thought would take us until the end of the year.  Yeah, that one.  I ordered the next one for her and for Sue.  They are digging phonics.  I am digging how it forces them to practice reading and proper handwriting.  It’s a win-win.

Caitlyn also finished reading me a Frog and Toad book.  You do remember Frog and Toad, right?  They seem to have a special magic that rocks a second graders world.  But that is her last book at that reading level.  Next she will be getting a level 3 (in the I Can Read series) book.  She just does too well for level 2.  It’s a waste of her talents.

Both girls worked hard in math.  Caitlyn got all of her place value questions correct.  I had them do their additional math problems on the computer.  Sue is just beginning to dabble in carrying the 1, Caitlyn is working on mastery.  It is harder on the computer.  I think they will welcome a worksheet during their next session.

We continued studying the solar system today.  They finished putting together their lap book

2014-01-15 16.10.16


And began researching the earth, stars and sun.  (Looks like there is more coloring to be done!)

But the beauty of today?  Grammar.  We worked on adjectives and writing sentences while decorating Gingerbread men.

2014-01-15 13.12.23 2014-01-15 13.19.58 2014-01-15 13.28.14 2014-01-15 13.28.36 2014-01-15 13.35.16 2014-01-15 13.38.50 2014-01-15 13.39.02 2014-01-15 13.47.45 2014-01-15 14.37.31


We had fun, and learned something too.  Isn’t, that what homeschooling is about?

*Caitlyn told me, “You just do everything better than school, don’t you?”  I don’t know about that, but today, we had fun!


Survive til you Thrive!

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