The Random in My Head

Things are still pretty good in my head.  I am able to control my emotions the vast majority of the time.  My sleep is a little disrupted, but I have no other signs of hypomania.

Life is good.

I joined a 40 bags in 40 days decluttering project. The premise is to go through  your home and recycle, trash, donate or sell unneeded items in order to get the clutter out of the house during Lent.  It is broken down into daily goals, I have a chart that says where I plan to clean each day.  I have another (sticker) chart to represent each bag that leaves my house.  This type of project is right up my alley.  Yesterday, I emptied a bag of stuff taken out of the minivan before we turned it in, and the two boxes of stuff I brought home from work when I was laid off.  Then as a bonus,  the girls couldn’t find a game piece yesterday, so Caitlyn dug through the closet to find it.  She had to take just about everything out but she got it.  I told her I would finish up.  I took the rest out and even swept before choosing what went back in.  Then I looked at Patrice’s room while daddy had the girls as church.  Oh man.  So it got cleaned.  And swept.  All in all I ended up with garbage bags of stuff in the trash.  Today was simpler since we will be at co-op all afternoon.  I got rid of a bag of clothes out of my closet.  There is more to go (maternity), but one bag down.

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(Can’t figure out why that link isn’t working, it is a direct copy from the website.  Maybe try cutting and pasting it?)

I am also doing another fitness challenge.  The last one was “just” planking.  This one is planking, push ups and squats.  My thighs are calling me names, mean, bad names.  But I am doing it.  Gotta do SOMETHING…

We made two Dr. Seuss projects yesterday.  We made Cat in the Hat Fruit Kabobs (strawberries and bananas) and cat in the hat hats with oreo cookies and gummy lifesavers.  The big girls were excited to be able to take them to Pioneer Girls last night as a treat.  I didn’t have enough for Patrice to take so now I have to think of something for her next week…

I still have a bunch of Junie B Jones Books for sale.  Sue really wants to raise money for those in the homeless community.

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We’ve sold one copy of the Stupid Stinky Bus and a Peep in Her Pocket.  (To the family members who gave them to us, we so appreciate it and have enjoyed them, but they are ready for a new home and this is one way for a little girl to raise money).

And Apparently, this homeschooling experiment has been a success.  I have volunteered to teach a course at our homeschool co-op next year and hubby is all for it.  I have also found a few curriculum items used at great prices.

Well, I better run, it’s time to finish up lunches to eat on our way to co-op (Caitlyn made the sandwiches)…and then we are off for gym class, Native American Culture, Drawing Animals, Curious George (for which we are taking Mangoes as a snack), Bible Heroes and preschool.

Oh wait, have you checked out our business website yet?  You can also find us on Facebook–Closetry.

NOW, we’re off.

Survive til you Thrive!

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