Spring is

Spring is

Going outside without a coat once it hits 50

2014-04-17 19.54.11

Putting the coat back on because it snows again

Finding wriggly worms on the driveway

2014-04-29 19.16.33

Busting out the bathing suit to play in when it hits 70

2014-04-29 19.15.45 2014-04-29 19.15.48

Getting a haircut to feel just a little fun

2014-04-26 09.36.55

Making flaming hoops of doom from the hula hoop because it is raining cats and dogs outside

2014-04-29 12.03.42

Breathing deeply of life and love

2014-04-29 14.52.03

Wondering what to do with the little, tiny flowers your girls pick for you

2014-04-29 19.14.32

Seeing Chem trails against a brilliant blue sky

2014-04-17 19.49.19-2

Embracing the lightness of the season as the days go by.


Survive til you Thrive!

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