Health Problems BITE

I survived a horrendous bout of depression.  It finally lifted just over a week ago..then I got clobbered with an asthma attack that liked me…ended up in Urgent Care twice.  Was given partially correct answers twice.  Ultimately landed in the emergency room and in the hospital overnight.  I’m hoping the answer I got there will end up being correct.  Only time will tell.  My confidence is low.

It stunk.  I pressed through each with the help of family and friends, and people praying or me.  I am tired of pressing on.  I am tired of being sick.  I am tired of a purse full of medication.  I am tired of a closet full of medication.

I swore I would never be this way.  I would be healthy. Guess I failed at that.  It is just always something.  It is ridiculous things.

This last one?  I couldn’t swallow.  Yeah.  I’ve been told it is a combination of medication I was on for the Asthma and irritation in the throat that caused the muscles to tighten.  Who in the heck has to go to the hospital because they can’t SWALLOW?

As you can imagine, I was not taken very seriously in the Emergency Room, even though the effort is so pronounced the doctor accused me of eating while I talked to her and the nurse thought I was chewing gum.

But, I just needed Valium.  Um, no, a sedative and a tranquilizer did not work.  Dear resident and ER doctor, um no.

I think the ear nose and throat guy was right.  I started his meds and things are some better.  Not 100%.  I still have to work at swallowing, food still doesn’t get down easily, but it is better.

Valium.  Gee thanks lady.  I know bipolar is in the records you are looking at, but that doesn’t mean my health issues are any less real than the guy you just gave 3 meds to within 30 minutes of his arrival for a headache.  I know bipolar is on my record, but that doesn’t mean my health problems are any less real than the lady who got 2 meds for her stomach ache within 20 minutes of arriving.

Need I go on?

This world needs to be rid of stigma concerning mental illness.  And you, a doctor fresh out of medical school, should be aware of that, helping with that.  I should not have to DEMAND the same care others are given.  I should not have to DEMAND to have additional testing done.  I should not be treated from across the room without even looking at my throat.

I should be treated like a patient, cuz, guess what, I am.

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. So upset for the way you were treated. Not cool at all. Glad that you are on your way to recovery.

    • I went to an asthma/allergy doc today. I flat out told them that people with mental health issues often aren’t listened to once a doctor hears bipolar, etc. and that I needed to be heard by them today. She didn’t prescribe a tranquilizer or sedative, so that’s progress.

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