Life Must Be Good

I’ve noticed, I have less to blog when life is good.  My brain goes blank.  I guess that is a good  super problem to have.

Thing is, life doesn’t feel like it has been good.  I mean, come on, I was just in the hospital.

But I wasn’t in the psych ward.  That’s good.

And my roommate was quiet.  That’s good.

I advocated for myself.  That’s good.

I got results and the medication to fix the problem.  That’s good.

I stayed up all night reading a book.  And while I was dragging all day yesterday because of it, it was liberating.  That’s good.

The asthma attack from Hades ended.  That’s good.

I got one-on-one time with Caitlyn this weekend.  That’s good.

My contacts quit irritating me, so I can wear them again.  That’s good.

You can now buy Gelato in the grocery store.  That’s good.

The hospital called me back today and I made my dissatisfaction over the care I received this weekend known.  That’s good (for me at least).

Sue is now reading.  I am going to have to dye my hair pink and purple.  That’s good.

The depression has stayed away.  That’s GOOD!

So, I guess, looking amongst the rough, LIFE IS GOOD.


2014-04-17 19.50.16-4

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. So proud of you for advocating for yourself! Hoping that the hospital makes some changes!

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