No Skirting This Issue

We have reached a new point in Patrices’ life.  She will no longer wear jeans.  Ever.  It is skirts or dresses with little pants*, or nothing.

2014-04-23 14.57.18


These are the last jeans she wore.  It was about two weeks ago.  Then she started wearing this.

2014-05-06 09.25.37


She wore it every day for 11 days straight.  I never let the other two pull that kind of thing.  I might be getting soft in my old age or I am just learning not to bother the fight (I know I have written this sentence before.  I can’t remember if it was here on the blog or on Facebook, but if it was here y’all are going to cut me some slack because the last month has been a black hole of hell, right?)

This was a favorite skirt for many days, many, many days.  She loves yellow.

2014-04-30 11.56.30


And it’s pretty cute, right?

I know all kids go through phases, and I’m cool with that.  Thing is this is my third time at this rodeo, and I can tell you this phase lasts 3-4 YEARS!!!!!!!

And I have all these cute jeans that I bought right before Caitlyn went into this phase.  They’ve been worn maybe once.  I am not even kidding.  I don’t think Sue wore any of them.  She was HARD CORE about skirts and dresses.  And that child might be my smallest one by proportion but, DUDE, when she gets something in her head, she is a force of nature.  I kind of feel bad for her future hubby.  It is not going to go easily for him when she gets something in her head.

Little man, if you happen to be a very unique child and are reading this blog at a very young age, take this advice from your future Mother-in-Law, when she gets and idea, just grab a hold and HANG ON.  And when she gets mad at you????  Chocolate.  She likes chocolate.  And dresses.  Lots of dresses.

Wait, where was I?  That’s right Patrice has hit the dress or skirt only phase.  None of my kids had a lovey, as an infant, but they have all had a favorite piece of clothing and for Patrice it is tutus.  She has started hiding them all over her room.  I guess she is afraid I will wash them all at once and she’ll have to be nakey??  Or Nakedcy as Caitlyn used to call .

The question that comes up now is, do I just pull out those jeans that are needlessly taking up space in her dresser, or do I keep them in there in hopes this one will buck the trend and get through this phase in weeks instead of years?  Hmmm…

And these, folks, are the things I ponder when the depression lifts some and I have the house to myself…

What kinds of phases have your kids hit that strike you as odd?

Did you ride it out or fight the battle?

What do you think about when you have the house to yourself?

*little pants are leggings or some fabric pants that can be worn under a skirt or dress without feeling bunchy at her waist.

Survive til you Thrive!

7 Responses to No Skirting This Issue

  1. Um, I’m pretty sure tutus are the most adorable trend that a person could adopt, so well done Patrice.

  2. One of my cousins would never wear jeans!!! She hated how the waist band felt on her waist, so she wore leggings all the time. 🙂 Mine aren’t too picky, thankfully!

  3. Nodding my head at this one. My girls are both into dresses. I think that all the jeans we have passed back and forth between my sister and I with our five girls are in mint condition.

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