Respite and Recharge

Ahhhh.  That describes this weekend.

My hubby and kids, who I love to distraction have been visiting family (while hubby redoes their bathroom) all weekend.  I think hubby was, understandably,  concerned about leaving me home alone, but it has been so good.

My brain finally set me free Friday night and I woke up Saturday with the depression lifted and my thoughts clear for the first time in a month.

I have cleaned like a mad woman, doing every room except mine, including a deep clean of the girls rooms.  I am pretty sure Sue has a fear that we will steal her clothes if she puts them down the laundry chute.  The chute is maybe 10 steps from their room, but I found her clothes hidden EVERYWHERE.  I kid you not.  I found an entire hamper full of her clothes hidden.

And the rainbow loom loops.  They are evil, pure evil I tell you.  They were all over their desks, floor and closet.  I wanted to just sweep those suckers up, but I am their supplier most of the time and that was my hard earned money all over the place. [No need for advice, I considered it long and hard and came to the decision to pick them up.  I’m okay with that.  They would be very easy to drop.]  There will be discussions about how we need to pick them up more carefully and consequences laid out, but for today I picked up 17,000 loops.  The thing I don’t understand is the quantity I found in their closet.  There is no light in there, there is no way to actually use the looms in the closet.

We won’t talk about the petrified food I found in there…

But it has been awesome.  I bought myself some yummy soup for my meals and treated myself to delectable ice cream items.

The quiet has been so good for me.  So good.

I love my family to pieces but I think I will rent them out one weekend a month and stay home.  There has to be some single lady that needs a temporary family, right?  And it’s not exactly pimping them out…

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. There’s nothing like peace and calm and the feeling of having things in order. Also, missed out on the rainbow hoops phase but see that stuff in Michaels all the time and am somewhat confused by what it is. Is it just a normal loom?

  2. So glad that you had such a wonderful weekend. Decluttering and cleaning gives me so much satisfaction.

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