Running Away–My Fight With Mental Illness

I look at my girls.  I look at my hubby.  My heart swells with love.  My heart burns with desperation.

I must escape.  I must get away.  I must leave them.

The need to Leave my amazing family that I love beyond words pulsates in my brain when the depression or mania engulfs me.

My guilt at this desire to disappear is epic.  I think, what kind of mother and wife knows she needs to disappear?  What kind of mother and wife has to be convinced by others that her family will not suffer if she goes home to live with them, has to be convinced to drive the car home after a trip to the grocery store?

This mama.  I live with this struggle when the bipolar disorder rages with depression or mania…

See the roots of this war over at Stigma Fighters today as I am share my story so others will know they are not alone.

Survive til you Thrive!

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