Something Stuck In My Craw

I have never actually understood the phrase, “something stuck in your/my craw” but my dad always said it.  When he said it, it meant, something bugging you, an irritation you just can’t shake.

It fits me perfectly right now.  I have something stuck in my craw.  I sure do…

Sue and I went out for dinner, just the two of us, more than 3 years ago.  It apparently made an impression–as of late, us doing that again has been her primary topic of conversation.  She has been poking at me and getting put off.  Last night, she went to the next level–she lobbied daddy.  Just so happens, Sue and I went out to dinner, grocery shopping, and ice cream, just the two of us today. 😉2014-05-28 17.22.25 2014-05-28 17.22.41 2014-05-28 17.37.59

Who can resist a pancake called funny face???  Sue sure can’t!!!!

2014-05-28 17.50.26 2014-05-28 18.59.16

And a ride on Sandy at Meijer.  Our store just got a new Sandy.  The cashiers were telling us that Sandy was extra fun when it was installed…it played the theme song to Bonanza…all day and all night.  That would be one nasty earwig (that is what a song is called when it gets stuck in your head right, or is it just those ugly bugs and I have completely screwed up all metaphors).  Good luck with that last paragraph.

2014-05-28 19.23.10

We had fun.  Bonus, kids eat free at IHOP 4 pm to 10 pm, one kid per adult entree.  Her dinner cost me $1.29 for chocolate milk and tip. (not an ad, just a useful tidbit)

Our ice cream was at a cute little place right down the street from us.  We sat at the tall round tables, you know, that neither of us can really reach to get in and out of…

It’s a cozy little  place.  One of those where you can hear everyone’s conversation.  The family to our left was discussing where different people work.  The mom said to the, I’d say, 8 year old boy, “aunt so and so works at a hospital for crazy people.”

Her statement took almost all the joy out of tonights’ outing.

I’ve been in “those” places, so now, thanks to her artfully worded, explanation, if he knew it, her son would assume I am crazy.

Thing is…I’m not.

I’m a strong, loving mama.  I subject myself to ridicule and sometimes awful treatment to be whole and strong for my family.  And I know many mamas who have faced the places she just told her son were for crazy people.  According to her, all of them is crazy.

Thing is…none of them are.

Every last one of those mamas is strong, healthy, loving, working every day to be the best mama they can.

Isn’t that what we are all doing?

Survive til you Thrive!

3 Responses to Something Stuck In My Craw

  1. Please don’t let her ignorant, thoughtless comment ruin your day. You are amazing. Look at that amazing daughter you just got to spend mama/daughter time with. You, and all the rest of us, do the very best we can. And guess what? We nail it. God doesn’t call us to be perfect. He calls us to be faithful.

    • Thanks. It felt like a sucker punch. I am just starting to explain to the girls a little more about some of mamas’ meds and appointments and I hate to think they will be exposed to this other definition…But I also need to watch how I identify it. I have, more than once, referred to myself as crazy or sane, and that’s probably not the best options 😉

  2. I’m still struggling with how to explain this as well. I have misused the word “crazy” a lot. I’m working on that.

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