What 300,000,000 loops get you

Last weekend I deep cleaned Caitlyn and Sues’s room.  I do not normally do this, it is there job…

But sometimes…

I swear I picked up 500 loops, and swept up another 50.  What I can’t understand is why they were in the closet.  It’s dark in there, you can’t loom.

Well anyway I whined about it in this post.

I had someone ask about this, so for all of you who are not drowning in Rainbow Loom Loops, I give you THIS…

2014-05-22 12.47.16


2014-05-21 11.45.23 2014-05-21 12.18.52 2014-05-21 12.25.06


The top picture is the hot craze, the original, the Rainbow Loom.  Caitlyn can spend hours on it.  She is allowed to use the internet to go to the Rainbow Loom website, a site called Loom Love (that she Does love) and a little bit YouTube to learn new technices.  The next two looms are the Monster Loom.  We haven’t figured they added value.

Caitlyn has made so many things and LOVES her loom.  She and the neighbor girl have a little business selling their creations.  Caitlyn made me an Olaf snowman and her friend is making a skunk.  They are very serious about their business.  I love it.  It’s costing me a fortune.

2014-05-21 12.47.46Here are the items she chose to showcase when I told her I needed info and pictures.

And then there is this little beauty…

2014-05-21 11.48.30


Yup, Barbie in a Rainbow Loom thong bikini.  It cracks me up!!!  But we had a looooong conversation on how she will never, ever wear a bikini that shows that much of anything!!

So there you go, a showcase of my Caitlyn’s item of adoration (of course, she can’t actually use it today because she threw a fit last night over brushing her teeth and lost her privileges).



Survive til you Thrive!

4 Responses to What 300,000,000 loops get you

  1. I love the bikini!!! Not the thing part, but it’s cute!!!

  2. #1 – That bikini is amazing and I’m assuming she found the instructions online or you go to a really interesting beach! (Though I actually do remember being at a beach with my mom when I was little and there being a woman there wearing a thong bottom and my mom making me promise I never would!)

    #2 – Wow, that first picture – so.much.stuff!

    #3 – What is the material of the loops? I had assumed they were fabric but they look kind of plastic-y.

    #4 – In the photo of all the finished products, there are flowers, there are things I assume are headbands (or bracelets, depending on size), and then there are things on the edge that kind of look like jump ropes. Are they jump ropes?

    • 1. yes, she found it on-line. It is amazing what the three sites she is allowed to look at have on them.
      2. SOOOOOOO much stuff
      3. some are made out of silicone and some are made out of latex
      4. the items on the side are “flip flops” There is a straight piece with a loops that goes around the big toe and then they come down in a v (I think).

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