All the Girls, All the random

School is almost done here.  Our final thing is some Science.  I want to finish our unit on the Solar System.  That’s all.  Nothing more.  I’ve told the girls when they finish that, we are done.

And…they are dragging their feet on doing it.  I mean, come on.  If someone told me I could be done with school if I finished one thing…it would be done that day!!!

But no…Caitlyn says, “I’ll do more tomorrow.”  Sue says, “I want to do it with Grandma with 2 doggies when she visits Friday.”  Yeah, like she’s really going to want to do school work when seeing grandma for the first time since Christmas.

Oh well, we’ll keep schooling until they are done.

Patrice did great in speech therapy last year.  Most of the time she is very easy to understand.  This morning, not so much.  She yelled it to me over and over.  She yelled it over and over to Caitlyn.  She yelled it over and over at Sue.

We got nothin’, but this look.

2014-06-04 08.41.25

Caitlyn is currently refusing to brush her teeth and Sue just perforated my ear drum with her scream because there is a moth in the bathroom.

Apparently, moths are terrifying.  Who knew?!

We couldn’t wait until August, we gave Patrice one of her birthday presents early.

2014-06-04 16.25.15 2014-06-04 16.26.56

An Anna dress.  I got a great deal on Amazon.  Hubby doesn’t quite agree, but it was a great deal.  Great!

We’ll have to wait and see what fun the girls provide at our Climb Out of the Darkness.  I am still looking for walkers and donors.  You can register at the highlighted link.  Please join us June 21 at 1 pm in Clarkston at Independence Oaks.  We would love to have you!!



Can’t come out that day?  We have another fundraiser, as part of the Climb Out of Darkness going on June 26 at Noodles and Company in downtown Royal Oak.  I will have fliers and electronic fliers soon as part of this.  Our Climb gets 25% of all proceeds from those identifying themselves as with our fundraiser.  I will be posting more information like crazy as I have it.

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. My youngest has the same dress as Patrice! Love that dress. Her look slays me.

  2. Sssh. Don’t tell hubby, she’s getting the Elsa one for her Birthday 🙂

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