How to Get Started

Earlier tonight, before he fell asleep on the couch, my hubby looked over at me as I ate Gelato, and said, “why did you buy Slim Fast?”

Do I get to just roll my eyes and say he’s just being cheeky?

No?  Then here goes my explanation.

I need to lose weight desperately.  I am so embarrassed that at one time I had gotten down to within 3 lbs of my pre Patrice weight and have since gained 30 lbs back.

Last time, I lost it by loosely following weight watchers and TONS of exercise.  The exercise was key in my mental health and was just an amazing outlet.  If you know me or we touch base via Facebook, you know I have a lot of stupid health issues pop up, so to be in a place where I can exercise?  Golden.

But, as I mentioned in this post, meds made exercise almost impossible, and I got lazy with my eating, then another med was nice enough to pack on 20 lbs.  It is time to fix some of this.  I know weight watchers has been effective for me twice, but just saying or typing those words makes me very anxious.  I can feel my mind start to whirl and the muscles in my head literally start to clench.  So I keep choosing to do nothing.

Then I remember kickstarting weight loss back in high school with slimfast.  Back then, the only choice was the powder you mixed into milk.  It was kind of gritty and livable.  Now?  You can get it already made in plastic bottles and the taste is much better.  So that is my new breakfast and lunch.  So far, I have left my dinner and night time eating the way it was–kind of a disaster.  I am hoping as I get back in the swing of exercise and start to see progress, that I will be able to clean up my evenings without feeling overwhelmed.

I don’t know if it will work.  I don’t know if it is the best option.  I don’t know if it is a good plan, but it’s how I’m trying to get started.

Have you ever used a phase in  plan?  What is your method to take off extra weight, baby weight, whatever the case may be?  How do you get back into exercise when you have fallen out of your groove?


Survive til you Thrive!

2 Responses to How to Get Started

  1. I stop the negative voices in my head. That is what sets me back on my journey to health and fitness. I keep mixing up workouts so I don’t get too comfortable and hang out at a plateau.

  2. I want to restart Insanity. I don’t think you can help but lose weight on that. But my knee got banged up. I walked/ran on it last night. That was hard. I am hoping by next Monday to have a new yoga mat and a pristine knee–then Shaun T, here I come! And my running of course. I cannot wait until that is solid enough to kick the mental healthy crap in the butt.

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