What I’ve Gained

Yesterday, I lamented many of the things I missed.  And I still miss those things, but there has been much gained.

When I was single, I hated not having someone miss me or care that I was gone when I traveled.  Marriage brought someone that called and checked on me, waited for me to call and let him know I was where I was supposed to be.

When I was single, I always traveled alone.  I shopped alone, I ate alone.  I prayed alone.  I went to church alone.  Now?  I have someone helping me decide when a trip is wise or ill fated.  I have someone to travel with me to weddings and funerals and long-weekends.  I have someone who will be my safe harbor.

When I was single, there was no one to know my triggers; the situations that bothered me, the areas of my life I wasn’t ready to touch.  Now?  There is someone that knows the things that get under my skin or harm me, better than I do.  There is someone looking out for me, giving me permission to walk away from people or situations that damage me.

When I was single, I was always a third wheel.  The other people in my life were always dating someone, even if it was the wrong person.  They were good to me and still invited me along, but I just didn’t fit.  I just wasn’t comfortable. Now, I am more at ease in social situations because I know my hubby is there, and no matter what dumb or stupid thing I do, there is someone who wants to go home with me.

When I was single, it was hard to find a way out of uncomfortable social situations.  Now, I have a hubby to cling to when I need to, and I have 3 kids around who need me desperately, every moment of my life.  They work nicely as as a ticket out of any awkward interactions.

When I was single, so much of my life was empty. Now?  It is full, very full.

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