Crunch Crunch goes the Parenting

Crunch, Crunch

I could have sworn I just swept the floor.

Crunch, Crunch

Between my toes.

Crunch, Crunch.

Patrice, you dumped cereal all over the kitchen floor.

Crunch, Crunch.

Cue sobbing child running to her room yelling, “Sue did it.”

Crunch, Crunch.

“Did you dump cereal on the floor Sue?”

Crunch, Crunch.

“No I DIDN’T.”

Crunch, Crunch.

“Yes you did,” Caitlyn chimes in.

Crunch, Crunch.

“Why do both of your sister say you did and you say you didn’t?”

Crunch, Crunch.

“I took the cereal, I put it on my spoon and I catapulted it!”

Crunch, Crunch.

2014-05-28 17.37.59

There will be no punishment today, mama is laughing too hard.

Part of me wants to yell and rail against these messes.  I’m still sweeping up flour from the other day and now there is cereal everywhere.  They clean up some, but I’m the one left digging it out of crevices, finding it in the A/C vent.

The bigger part of me?  Laughs and laughs and laughs.  I grew up as an only child.  There were a lot of dynamics that reduced the silly in our house.  But when it happened–the huge rubber band fight my dad and I had, my mom singing in the kitchen, Mom and I devouring an entire box of Klondike bars so they wouldn’t melt on the way home, of course–those are the best memories.  Those are ones deepest in my heart.

I want that for my girls.  I want the silly memories.  I want the unexpected silly memories.

Today is an incredibly hard day for me.  I am fighting tears, my fuse is short, but that’s not the memories I want for my girls.  I want them to remember when had a flour fight, or giggled at an inside joke, when we laughed when they thought we would cry.

This is what I want for my girls.  So bring on the catapults, bring on the flour, bring on the tie dye.  I’ve got all I need to clean up the messes, let’s have some fun!!!


Survive til you Thrive!

4 Responses to Crunch Crunch goes the Parenting

  1. Rough day over here as well. Not sure what’s going on, but it just seems as though my challenging child has become more and more challenging in the last few weeks. Desperately need to reclaim my summer and have more fun. Starting now. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone 🙂

  2. Huge hugs. That was me the other day. I love the idea of a flour flight. Catapulting cereal is a new line. I’ll need to try that out myself. Maybe we can throw the dinner plates like Frisbees???

    • Don’t tell my kids about that frisbee idea!!! Patrice put on her apron today to help me and said, “hey look! There’s still flour in my pocket!!”

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