Parenting with an Audience

Normally, I feel pretty good about my parenting skills. Well, there are those times that I am trying to reason with the 3 yr old and I wonder if I have ever been a mom before. (For those who have not had the privilege of a 3 yr old, there is noooooo reasoning with them.)  Or those times the girls ask me things like, “why did God make us right now to be your girl?”  Those questions catch me off guard, but NORMALLY, I feel like I know what I am doing.

Except when I am with other people.

I hate parenting with an audience.  When I am in the grocery store and the girls keep leaning on the check out belt.  Again and again.  And I don’t see it and the cashier tells them not to do that.  I feel like she is saying, “Parenting Fail.”  We’re at church and the girls start running, and someone looks over and I see in their eyes, “don’t you teach your children to respect the house of God.”  Even at friends houses.  Am I being too hard on my kids, too soft on my kids, am I not disciplining things they would correct, am I feeding my kids something they would never let theirs snack on?

I hate parenting with an audience.  I always feel off kilter, so I feel like I am waffling, demanding of my children one moment, soft on them the next.

Does this ever end?  Is it that I’m not really a good parent?  Do other parents feel this way?  Or am I just not confident in myself?

Do you struggle with this?  Or am I alone?  Do you care about what others think of your parenting, or do you know yourself well enough stand bravely on your own two feet?

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  1. Me too! I hate it! At the library I am SO EMBARRASSED by my kids. Who are really just being kids. Can’t I just stay away from people always?!?

    • This happens to me all the time. I mean it’s the library, they have to behave perfectly or all those lovely readers/patrons will think I don’t love books and literature and all that is precious in those hallowed walls.

  2. Yes! Let’s face it: Kids never act like you want them to when you want them to. My son is into EVERYTHING when we are out. I have to almost consciously, out-loud, remind myself he is an active, curious 2 1/2 year old little boy. He isn’t ever going to sit still and just observe. It isn’t the way God made him to learn and experience life.

    While I wish I wouldn’t have to remind him to not do whatever he is doing that he isn’t supposed, at the same time I love that he surprises people by opening doors for them, saying “Please!” and “Thank you!” for almost everything and without prompting. It is in those moments that I am reassured that we must be doing something right as parents.

  3. I struggle with this as well. I feel like I’m always frazzled in public and that I am herding cats instead of working with children.

    • Greased Cat Yoga is what Lauren and I used to call it. They just seem to go everywhere at once. And they are the absolute worst in the checkout lane. I feel like people must think I am such a witch of a parent.

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