No Deep Thoughts

Today’s post has no deep thoughts.  No lessons.  No assurances.  It simply is.

You know those days where everything that can go wrong, will?  I’m awfully blessed to not have too many of them.  But yesterday.  Ah, yesterday.

Yesterday, the girls and I set out to do something I have not done in 8 years.  Caitlyn was 2 months old at the time.  She is currently making her own breakfast. But back to yesterday.  We set out to make a 5 hour drive to see my family.

First, Patrice had to go potty by the time we were 1 mile from home.  I decided to go too.  She had used all the toilet paper.  I was left with a receipt I found in my purse.

We made it about 50 miles further.  Caitlyn, my typically non-cookie tosser, tossed her cookies all over herself.

But did I turn back? NOOOOOO!!!!

We made it 30 miles.  And the road got really rough.  The new pavement really sucked.  Oh DUDE.  That’s not the pavement.  I had blown a tire.

Yeah.  GO ahead, read it again.

That’s me and three young kids sitting by the edge of the road.  I *might* have started to cry.  Caitlyn sat and patted my shoulder until I got a hold of myself.

A creepy guy came to help.  It took some effort, but he finally went away.  Then a nice guy came along that looked like my uncle.  I decided to let him help us, while every episode of Criminal Minds and Without a Trace I have ever watched went through my head.

All went well.

We made it to a place with free wi-fi.  The girls watched cartoons on the iPad.

The best moment of the whole day?  Caitlyn came up to me as the girls were digging into their happy meals and said, “can we pray first?”  Yes, yes we can.  We thanked God for his protection and provision.  We thanked God for the guy who looked like my uncle.  We thanked God for a daddy who was coming to help us.

Daddy came and rescued us.  We got new tires.  We drove home.

Eight hours, to drive and get new tires.

We’ve decided to get our next tires closer to home.


Survive til you Thrive!

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