One Problem

I have been trying, this summer, to be a little more present with my kids.  I fail pretty darn often, but I think I pull it off other times.

Take the last few days as an example.

Friday, the girls and I drove out to join some homeschooling friends for the day.  They were camping at a great place with a few pools, a lazy river and a tot play area with sprinklers and little water jets.  And, for once, I donned my bathing suit and got in with them. I put away my phone/camera. That might now sound like much to you, but I am not a water person.  I don’t like how it takes time to get used to the water temperature, I hate the feeling of the wet bathing suit against my skin and I am not much of a swimmer, so I end up doing lots of standing around.

Now, let’s again talk about my awesomeness as we review yesterday.  The girls earned free waterpark passes through our county sponsored reading program.  And yes, they include homeschoolers.  It is a great park.  It has a large wave pool, a big tot play place that is geared toward the littles, but great for the bigs too.  And, let’s not forget the large lazy river.  We did them all.  Yes, me included.

It was all fun enough to make me wonder why I am always so resistant to these activities.  But, there is one problem.  I am the family picture taker.  So, if I actually join in the fun, there are no pictures.  I got nary a one on Friday and just a few yesterday.

This is the tot area

This is the tot area

2014-08-25 14.07.31 2014-08-25 14.07.44 2014-08-25 14.17.03


It is fun to get involved, but now I am missing tons of cute pictures.  I’m kind of torn on what I think.  I love the fun, but I love the pictures too.  It’s kind of hard for me to put down the camera and be part of the action.  I want to do both, but I have to choose one or the other.  I like playing with the girls, but then I have less to show daddy of the fun we were having.

I know, I know.  I think too much.  My brain gets too concerned about little or non-issues.

How do you balance the two–joining in or capturing the memories on film, er, whatever it is now since it’s no longer film.

Survive til you Thrive!

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