Flexibility is the Name of the Game

Thankfully one of the groups I am part of for Homeschooling posted a reminder yesterday for the trip to get pumpkins today.  I had completely forgotten.

The weather was beyond ideal for our foray into a wagon ride, picking pumpkins, and eating cider and donuts.

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And then it was time to head home for our book work for the day.

As we were driving Patrice said, “I wonder what happens when you go to the pumpkin patch and the zoo in the same day??

The day was gorgeous, sunny, perfection.  And I wanted to be the fun mom, so we found out!!!

We went to the zoo too.  And I am so glad we did.

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See that little fuzzy blob way in the distance to the right of the red ball and just to the left of the rock that sticks up?  That’s a giraffe.  That was born LAST NIGHT.  We saw it when it was just 18 hours old.  It is the first giraffe born at our zoo in 22 years.  And we saw it!!!

That wasn’t all.

We went to the kangaroo exhibit.  You walk into a large area that is decorated with cute Australian buildings and the wallabys and kangaroos are laying or hopping around.  And today one of the girls had a Joey in her pouch.  And we saw it!!!!!

Factoid for you:   The gestation of a kangaroo is only 30 days.  Baby kangaroos are the size of a lima bean when they are born.  They do not have eyes.  As soon as they are born they latch on and start eating, round the clock.  They hang out in the pouch about 4 months before they venture out.

It was so amazing.  I felt so blessed and lucky to be able to see the baby giraffe and joey.

It was fun, two field trips in a day, but rest assured tomorrow there will be some catch up to do…hope the girls are ready!

Survive til you Thrive!

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