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*I originally posted this as a status update yesterday.  I asked the mentioned people if it would be okay to post it on my blog as well.  Both gave their assent.  I set about editing what I had originally written to make it more–but I quickly realized I was editing for the sake of editing and that is never a good idea.


I’m going to say something about a divisive issue and then run away. I don’t want any negative comments. Only ones that build others, and the world, up.

Anyway–I don’t understand all of the factors or issues [of America’s race difficulties], but I know I have mama friends who are afraid for their brown baby boys. They are afraid of the world their children will face. They are afraid their boys will be seen as less than human because of their skin color.

And that is wrong. It breaks my heart to look at A’Driane and Leelah’s beautiful sweet boys and think of the fear their mamas carry. Why in the world can’t we be people? Just people. Why can’t we go about life loving and knowing people as– people.

I want a day that the mamas don’t have to tell their boys they are more likely to be arrested or harassed than their white friends, when they don’t have to watch the news in terror.

Please Lord, bring that day. Use me today and everyday to bring that day, to teach my girls about now, and that day. I am stepping into something I know nothing about in order to be a mama, just a mama with my lovely fellow mamas.

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. Beautifully said, yes! Skin color was a problem for me growing up. I was bullied being darker than other kids. My family is from India and my husband’s from Mexico so our kids are biracial and I see how being of mixed races is starting to impact my oldest son in middle school. There seems to be enough and more worthwhile things to worry about than the color of someone’s skin. Skin color tells you nothing about a persons character.

  2. <3

    You already know that I love this. It's so so well said.

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