Perfecting the Side Plank

Back in the day, you know, when I started dating hubby, I was a size 2.  More than a few of my clothing pieces came from the children section at the store.  Problem is, food had always been social to me.  If I was alone, eating was way down on the list of priorities.  I once ate the same can of jellied cranberry sauce for dinner every day for a week.  But introduce boyfriend/future hubby, and all bets went out the window.  We ate together often.  Suddenly, what, and when, I ate was important.  We were trying new places to eat.  I was making new recipes when he came over.  Add in multiple steroid treatments for multiple sclerosis and you end up with a 25 weight gain in 25 months.

Two more years brings 19 more pounds.

And then two babies in 15 months.

I did finally get back down to 129 between baby 2 and 3.  After my youngest, I once got back down to 132…but the scales have not been kind since.  But I am back on the wagon.  I am walking/running/exercising most days and this week I started tracking my food to see where that lands me.  Candy, er Halloween, week might not have been the best time to do that…but I am learning about my eating and I am learning new exercises, like the evil Side Plank.

I started PiYo a couple weeks ago.  It is a combo of pilates and yoga.  You put together stretching and dynamic movement to get your butt kicked without a single jump.  The plank is back enough, weight balanced on hands and feet, knees up, back  flat, thighs sealed together–and then you cross one leg over of the other, balance your feet on the crossed over combo and lift all of your front weight onto one hand, with the other one pointing to the sky.

It is a delicate balance.

I fell one day last week and bruised up one arm pretty good.

And it has me thinking about all the balance it is, will take to figure out my weight and strength and my duties as a homeschooling mom. There are more than enough duties to go around.

On one hand, I need to have lessons organized for each day, and the right exercise planned for my body each morning.  I have to set my alarm early enough to get exercise done before school needs to get started.  On a good day, I even organize book work the girls can do before I come down from my morning PiYo workout.  That, gives us all a great head start, if they can work on their phonics material and reading before I hit teacher mode.

Throughout the day, I try to walk more, but my primary focus is on getting the girls’ minds full of knowledge, lunch and dinner on the table and I TRY to get the house somewhat in order.  That last part is a real kick in the pants.  There is always more clean up that can be done.  Ugh.

In the evening, I try to have everything on the MUST DO list completed by 8 pm, so I can hit the treadmill and knock out 2 or 3 miles.  The bigger goal is to get down there without the girls joining me, but it never fails, by that time of night–they still like me!!!  And still want to be with me!!!  It is truly confusing to me.

It doesn’t work every day.  It doesn’t work a lot of days.  But it is the goal.  I try to balance it all in my home and family life, just as I do in the evil that is side plank.

It gets a little better every day, every week.  SOMEDAY–I will conquer it all, right??

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Survive til you Thrive!

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