I have not joined 5 minute Friday in a long time.   I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been a year or more.  5 minute Friday is a weekly meme originally hosted by LisaJo Baker and now living over at Kate Motaung’s blog Heading Home.  Each Friday she provides a prompt that all are invited to write about–whatever can be said in 5 minutes with limited editing.  Here I go, diving back in with the prompt TURN


“It’s my turn.”

“No, it’s my turn.”

“Uh–uh, you already had a turn.  Mommy, Caitlyn won’t give me my turn.”

I hear this or some variation of this many times a week, often many times a day.  It apparently comes with the territory with multiple children.

It throws me for a loop every time.

I am an only child.  I didn’t have to share or take turns with a sibling on a daily basis, but for some reason, I developed an overpowering sense of fairness.  I try desperately to help my girls settle each squabble or issue fairly and quickly.

This makes parenthood very labor intensive and confusing to me.  I am always asking my hubby, the baby of 5, “Is this normal?  Are kids always like this?”  He repeatedly says, “yes dear.  You don’t have to answer their every question, you won’t make everything fair.  They’re kids.  They’ll be fine.”

Man, I hope so.  I hope they will exit childhood knowing there is unity and peace in family and that they are loved by their parents and each of their sisters, very, very much.

2014-10-25 15.37.47

Times up!  Now it is your turn to take 5 minutes and put together a post!

Survive til you Thrive!

5 Responses to Turn

  1. Oh the wonders of siblings. I too struggle with rules and fairness. But it’s true as mine age their relationship grows and I hear less and less of the woes and more and more of the gratefulness.

  2. Visiting from Five Minute Friday. If it makes you feel better, my sister and I, both in our fifties, still keep track of whose turn it is but we have learned to do so peacefully. 🙂

  3. Found myself nodding my head, laughing and banging my head on my desk shouting….parenting is a roller coaster of emotions!!!

  4. My husband and I purposely make things unfair for the kids. If there is only one banana, I give it to one kid. I mix it up so that each kid gets different perks over time, and that not everybody has to get the exact same thing.

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