Trimming the Grocery Bill

Okay people, I really need feedback on this post.  I want to cut our grocery bill significantly.  I have seen it come down by buying flour in bulk and storing it.  Making waffles and pancakes from scratch and my own Jiffy/Bisquick mix.

Now I am looking for more.

What do you buy boxed?  Anything?

What do you make from scratch?  Everything?

What do you buy in bulk?

Do you meal plan?  If yes, how do you think that saves you money?  Do  you cook according to sales?

What tips and hints do you have to pass on?

We have no special food requirements.

Survive til you Thrive!

2 Responses to Trimming the Grocery Bill

  1. Shop around the outside of the store. Stay away from empty, processed carbs. People say it is more expensive to do this, but honestly, I haven’t found it to be true. We buy all sorts of fruits and vegetables and I make it all from scratch. Which I believe helps and is healthier for us. 🙂 I do shop at Sam’s Club for certain things. Such as: Cheese, butter, frozen vegetables, peanut butter, some baking supplies, potatoes, big carrots, lettuce, chocolate chips, oil, (any kind), Hummus for Emmet, nuts, corn tortilla shells, (Gluten free for us), pickles, juice, boneless skinless chicken breasts, fish, some other meats are sometimes priced well, Kiwi are generally cheaper there, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, whipping cream, sour cream, cream cheese…. These are all things I buy at Sam’s vs. other stores. I go about every 2-3 weeks. It pays for my gas to travel almost an hour to shop there. I should do more meal planning, but as for special things, if it’s on sale, I think, Oh! let’s have that for dinner this week. 🙂 I get off brands when I can. If something is on sale that I can freeze, even something like a bell pepper, I have been known to do that. 🙂

  2. Hi Charity! Yes, I agree with a lot of Kadren’s suggestions. We belong to Costco and the chicken breasts are MUCH cheaper there as well as many dairy items such as milk and eggs – whipping cream especially. Their vanilla extract and spices are a much better buy as well. We also get our paper good and toiletries from Costco. Their produce is a better buy only if you are able to use it up before it goes bad. Nuts are a lot cheaper there, too. I also look for the monthly Costco coupon book and try to plan my purchases around what they have on sale that month.

    I do meal plan, but I tweak my plan to fit the sales once I get to the store. If bell peppers are on sale that week for instance – I will change my plan to a cheaper choice. But my meats are general weekly staples (like ground hamburger or chicken breasts) and then it is easy to swipe a veggie that is on sale or change to taco night instead of easy cheeseburger pie night.

    I coupon clip as well, but generally only use my coupons for items that are on sale, too. It doesn’t seem worth it to me to waste a coupon if the product is marked at full price.

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