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I sit reading, cozy in my bed.  I am transfixed by the stories I am reading, the tragedies being described for me.  I am reading about the Dalits of India.  They are the lowest of the lowest on the caste system.

The caste system in India has been around for about 3,000 years.  It is based on the Hindu belief that people are ranked according to their sins in a past life; the Dalits are those considered to have lived the worst of the lives in their previous life so have come from underneath the Hindu god.  Those in higher castes are said to have come from his arms or head, obviously better because they come from a higher part of their gods’ body.

Dalits are considered lower than the animals.  They are given the most demeaning jobs, ie cleaning out the latrine with their bare hands.  The caste system has been outlawed, deemed unconstitutional, but much like segregation was here in America, the law is ignored and the Dalits are still oppressed,

Oft times, the families are so poor they end up abandoning or selling children, just to try and survive.  Many are sold into the sex trade, or modern day slavery.  Girls, and boys, in this situation have a life expectancy of 15 years.

That data would make my beloved oldest daughter, Caitlyn, middle aged.  I cannot imagine her experiencing such torture, such hell.  I cannot imagine having, as a parent, to choose food over one son or daughter so at least some of your family might live.

What an impossible choice and excruciating situation.  All because you were born a Dalit.  The government has implemented a version of affirmative action to hold so many jobs in the upper levels for the Dalits, but many Dalits cannot afford an education, to learn what they need, to move up in their society.

It is a difficult situation, all the way around.

Many of the Dalits are finding freedom by leaving Hinduism and going to other religions, such as Christianity and Islam.  There they are told all are equal and they can have mental and spiritual freedom.

Some have found this new freedom, but there are so many more.  Won’t you join me in praying for the Dalits and their quest for freedom and equality?


*Information taken from Dalit Freedom Now and Forever by Joseph D’Souza and No Longer a Slumdog by K.P. Yohannan

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. Sometimes it’s so scary to see all that is happening in the world. It’s important to educate ourselves, of course, but so so sad.

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