Foot Break or Mind Break

I ran 3.5 miles last night, after running 3 the night before.  It felt good.  It was empowering.

And freeing.  for that hour of running (I’m not fast) the negative thoughts, the seesaw emotions, the gut wrenching lies recede.  It is nigh to impossible for me to think about more than putting one foot in front of the other, so I don’t.  I find my rhythm and go.

One step.  Two step.  Over and over, moment by moment.

Today, there is nothing to push back all the emotions, so they are all here.  And what’s more frustrating, it is a rest day for my half marathon training.  I want to ignore the schedule and run, but I know my legs and muscles need the rest.

I stand here typing, wondering, what I am going to do tonight.  How to push back the demons tonight.  I did a workout this morning and my body needs a break, but so does my mind…

2015-03-18 19.26.34“Wednesday run”


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