Winging It

Last year, new to homeschooling, I ended up doing a lot of improvising.  We started with one curriculum and it wasn’t a good fit, so I was always hunting for what we needed.

I learned from and listened to other homeschoolers.  I picked out textbooks and curriculum material.  I thought, man, this is going to be easy sailing with such little preparation needed.


So, I realized I did not want it to be entirely textbook driven.  I wanted us to study some things purely out of interest, covering applicable material, but not what was in the book.

2015-03-20 11.14.19


We’ve studied squirrels, pandas, (see lapbooks above) the human skeleton and working on the brain, among other things, now for science.  We have studied Asia and some of its’ peoples for Bible and will continue with this by studying India.  Reading has included lots of adjustments for levels and abilities, and we recently added new methods to help with learning.  Bible has also included daily work on our AWANA (Bible club) verses.  Here is Sue reciting hers today…

2015-03-20 10.59.40 2015-03-20 10.59.39while doing jumping jacks.

I have a great curriculum for Math, but wanted to zero in on a few things, like borrowing in subtraction and multiplication.  There are some amazing worksheet generators out there for math.

We have also included many biographies and youtube videos to learn about Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Dr. Seuss, Thomas Alval Edison, and Albert Einstein.  We will be continuing through the coming month to study Susan B. Anthony, Jane Goodall, Rachel Carson, and Madame Marie Curie.

Sue has been writing spelling words and stories for her handwriting work.  Caitlyn is going through cursive for hers.  We have set phonics aside temporarily, but it will be back in the mix last week.

All this to say, I’ve done more piecing subjects together than I had planned, but I am so pleased and excited about the subjects and material we have covered.  And I forgot to tell you the coolest one we’ve done—an week-long study on Ireland!

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  1. I love the week long study idea of Ireland. It sounds amazing and so interesting!

  2. I feel like I’m winging it a lot with the kids. That’s great that you can piece together different subjects. Thanks for sharing on Small Victories Sunday linkup.

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