Step In Time

2015-04-14 21.11.59I walk inside.  I walk outside.  I run inside.  I run outside.

Outside I have a million distractions to keep me moving along–inside is not always so easy.  But I have developed a system.  I put in a movie I enjoy, cover up the display on the treadmill so I can’t obsess over how far I’ve gone or how far I need to go.

Friday, my system worked quite well and I made it 5 miles on the treadmill, all while watching Mary Poppins. I keep going to reach my goal of running a half marathon.  Mary Poppins and her adventures and fun music (Step In Time) help move me forward.

As of late, things have been a little complicated in my brain as it applies to the Bipolar Disorder, which has meant more steps and more exercise to distract me from the turmoil inside my soul.  I have had some very impressive step counts as I run and/or walk to get away from the emptiness, and the noise, of the depression Bipolar Disorder has brought.

2015-04-10 21.22.10 2015-04-12 10.08.20 2015-04-14 21.07.34


What do you do to keep yourself motivated to exercise?  How have you overcome injury and boredom?  Does the act of walking or running help you with other challenges in your life?


Survive til you Thrive!

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