Another Mother Runner

Running has not been easy for a while now.  I’ve been dealing with desperate leg pain.

So I added compression socks.

Different shoes.

And felt some, not a lot, relief.

So I went back to my “soul” workout, PiYo.  I feel so strong even though I have a long way to go!

I began toying with and kind of decided to quit running.  Just accept it and walk…

Then this came from a sweet friend.

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She even got the book SIGNED for me.  I was blown away.  I immediately put the shirt on and had my daughter take some pictures.

Motivation in a little brown envelope.

Excuse while I go exercise to strengthen my legs!!!

And run.

Survive til you Thrive!

2 Responses to Another Mother Runner

  1. When you sent me the note that you got the package, I started to cry. It made my day. You inspire me, my sweet friend. I babbled on and on to Dimity about how you were my running inspiration. Through it all, you take another step. xoxo

  2. What a great motivational package! It’s always interesting how well-timed “coincidences” like this can be. I’m glad you were inspired to keep going.

    (and thanks for sharing at #smallvictoriessundaylinkup — I’ve pinned your post and look forward to having you back again for this upcoming week!)

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