Preparations Underway

True story?  I don’t know if I already wrote this post.  But I thought it was time to share our homeschooling plans for the year.  I am just about done putting together several binders for the girls to work from.

We are doing a lot of projects called lapbooks.  In lapbooks you use file folders to arrange information using booklets, wheels, glued in facts, whatever it takes to help the information to stick.

We will be doing these lapbooks for American History, Science, and Art.  It is a nice blend of facts and hands on work.

Caitlyn and Sue will continue with handwriting, hopefully cursive for both.  Patrice will start with printing.  We will also continue with Explode the Code for phonics and Fred for math with Sue and Patrice.  Caitlyn will be working with Teaching Textbooks for math.

Patrice will begin with learning the last few of her letters, Bob books, and then Life of Fred early readers.  Sue, Caitlyn, and I will chose their books based on level and interest.  Right now Caitlyn is working on the Cupcake Diaries and Sue the Critter Club.  We picked them up at Costco today.  Quietest trip ever through the store as they had their noses buried in the books.  I kept having to tell Sue to be careful or she would get clobbered by another shopper, but honestly, I was more than willing to keep my eyes open for her if it kept her reading!!!

We will also continue with our beloved co-op where I will be teaching for the first time–Heroes of the Faith.  Caitlyn will be in the 4-6 grade group, Sue the 1-3 grade and Patrice Kindergarten.

I am very excited about our coming year.

What do you look forward to with your kids?  What do you like to see them learning/excelling in?


Survive til you Thrive!

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