The girls have started asking me for an allowance.  I tend to agree at age almost 8 (as in this month) and 9, they are old enough to get an allowance.

But I have a few questions.

When did you start giving your kids allowances?  Was it a set amount?  Did they get it no matter what or did they get it based on doing their chores?  (I kind of like the idea of putting the chores on a bulletin board with a dollar each and if they do the chore, they get the dollar–ownership in the process).  Can I be so nosey to ask how much your kids get?  Did/does it go up as they age?

I would love to hear your thoughts on allowances.

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  1. I kind of haven’t started to yet – and she’ll be 9 in February.

    It’s a weird thing. Do I implement chores so she earns it? Do I just give it depending on the day/week?

    I’m curious to see what feedback you get.

  2. We started last year, when my daughter was 9. She and her brother (who was 6.5 when we started) have a list of 4-5 chores to do every weekday. I laminated their lists and posted them on a bulletin board. I usually have to remind them to look at it every day, and some of them they can opt not to do (they can decline to scoop the cat litter, for example, but they have to do their laundry every time). At the end of the week, they get a quarter for each chore they did.

  3. My kids are not at allowance age yet, but when I was younger, we got what our age was/week. I think it must’ve started somewhere around age 10 ish? My brother by default was included in there, even though he was younger. I stopped getting an allowance at age 16 when I got a job.

    We got our allowance even if we didn’t do our chores, however, we were supposed to do them…My mom just let it slide some weeks – meaning she didn’t want to fight our whining and complaining about doing chores (she reminded me of this recently actually). We didn’t have set things to do each week though, it was based on what our mom asked us to do. She had set cleaning days and we were always asked to help.

    Our allowances were not to be used to buy things either. Our allowances were for our bank accounts. She also took us to the bank almost every week to deposit our money. We also had to deposit most of our christmas and birthday money too – but were allowed to keep some of it for special things we wanted.

  4. We just started allowance too – they each earn a dollar a week, as a base; then have a list of chores they can help with, to earn an additional 25c.

    My kids are 6 and 8 1/2.

  5. The girls both earn money for chores, but we started super small – $1 a week. They stay in their piggy bank. We talk a lot about how much they have and if they want to spend it and why.

  6. My oldest we started at 10 years old and he gets half his age. He has to earn it by checking off chores and doing them without me telling him. If he doesn’t check off everything he still gets part of his allowance depending on how much he did. His younger brother at 8 is starting to want to earn an allowance so he started his chart. We will see if he sticks with it to earn it this week.

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