Friday Nights

We get to Friday night.  We survived another week.  Daddy and I are both tired.  Silly kids are unfortunately not interested in being parked in front of the tv.  Well two of them are…the third one is glued to me as I read my book, look at my phone, whatever it is I want to do for a few minutes.

Stop leaning on my head.

Stop leaning on my shoulder.

Stop leaning on my leg.

One thing after another.  I just want space.  She just wants mom.

Are you coming back downstairs?

Are you done with your book?

What are you doing?

How old are you when you’re a tween?

What about when you are a teenager?

Finally, she gets the hint and goes downstairs.  I finally have my space.  I want to sit and enjoy it.  I want to read my book.


I walk downstairs.

“Where’s your Uno deck Caitlyn?

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. Hugs mama. Thinking of you.

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